How it works?

Step 1 : Upload your photo and/or send it to the given e-mail at
                 Select the number of faces which is there in the image/photo.
                 Select the size for the painting(11″×11″, 12″×16″, 18″×20″ or 20″×30″).
                 Select the product type(Soft copy, Photo Print,Canvas Print or Box Canvas Print)
Step 2 : You will get a confirmation e-mail once we receive your order
Step 3 : Before finalizing your product, we will send you the photo for the approval. If you don’t like/ wish to modify, let us know.
Step 4 : As per the category chosen (Soft copy, Photo Print, Canvas Print or Box Canvas Print), We will ensure to handle it to your door step carefully.


Specifications For Better Results

  • We require all photos to be clear enough so that our artists can zoom in on the finer details of the face, particularly the eyes, nose and mouth.
  • The minimum size of photo 1280 px one side – for better results.
  • The file format of TIFF is usually best for us, but we can also use high-quality JPEG or JPG, PNG, PSD, PDF file photos.



Photo Print: Printed on Imported Photo paper.

Canvas Print:  Printed on cotton textured canvas.

Box Canvas Print:  Canvas is hand-stretched over a wooden frame, to which the printed canvas is stapled